It is our mission to provide our members with the tools that promote mental, physical & personal growth in a clean, safe and supportive environment.

5416 N. Summit St Toledo, Ohio 43611


Point Place

 Mind Body &  Soul Fitness was opened to help people like YOU reach their fitness and wellness goals! Money can be TIGHT during the holidays so we thought an offer like this one might allow people to START adding HEALTHY HABITS NOW (in between all the pies and cookies and yummy temptations of the holidays).

Why wait to start a 'NEW YEAR' resolution? Join the Mind Body Soul Family in Point Place and START a NEW YOU... NOW !!

Don't want to add another monthly bill? Get 24 hour membership access for 12 months for just $5 per week!

$30 key card purchase required at sign up. 12 month, 24 hour access membership rate is $5 per week.

Email us to set up a time to tour the gym